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The Architectural Digest Collection

June 30, 2023

BUilding resilienceBuilding a Future of Resilience and Inspiration: The Architectural Digest Collection finds its home at The Carrollton.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Mark Romig and David Briggs emerged as beacons of hope, embarking on a mission to rebuild not just physical structures, but the spirit of a shattered community. Their extraordinary collection, Architectural Digest – The International Magazine, now resides at The Carrollton, a senior living community dedicated to education and culture.

Thanks to the dedication of Ashley Fetzer Lejeune, these invaluable books will inspire aspiring architects, designers, and enthusiasts. Workshops, seminars, and educational events will incorporate these literary treasures, igniting creativity and fostering a deeper understanding of architectural concepts.

The impact of this generous donation extends far beyond our walls, symbolizing unity, progress, and a brighter future for our architectural community.

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The Carrollton

701 South Carrollton Ave
New Orleans, LA 70118