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Health Services in the Old Carrollton Courthouse

assisted living

Assisted Living
**Starting at $5,300

Caring with excellence is our priority! Located in the historic and former Carrollton Courthouse, The Carrollton offers premier Assisted Living services that blend elegant accommodations with exceptional care. Our dedicated staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist residents with their personal care needs. We recognize that everyone is unique, and we ensure that residents have individualized care that is customized to meet their needs.

We provide assistance with the following:

  • Activities of Daily Living including bathing, grooming, dressing, ambulation and nutrition oversight
  • Medication administration
  • Scheduled transportation to doctors’ appointments
  • Communication between facility and healthcare providers to ensure a well-rounded care plan

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services provided by Dr. Jay St. John.

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Memory Care
**Starting at $8,900

At The Carrollton, our dedicated Memory Support neighborhood is exclusively designed to cater to the unique needs of residents living with Alzheimer’s, dementia and related diagnoses. Within this secure environment, residents are empowered to live vibrant lives while receiving the specialized care they require, all while preserving their dignity and respect.

We proudly implement Liberty Senior Living’s Genuine, Engaging, and Meaningful Memory Support (GEMMS) program, which draws from the expertise of Teepa Snow and her Positive Approach to Care methods. Through ongoing education and training, our compassionate staff members are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to provide exceptional care and meaningful interactions tailored to each resident’s individual needs.

At The Carrollton, our commitment to excellence ensures that residents in our Memory Support neighborhood receive the highest quality of care and support, allowing them to live purposefully.

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Genuine, Engaging & Meaningful Memory Support

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Genuine, Engaging & Meaningful Memory Support

PC-Inspired logoLiberty Senior Living recognizes that each individual is unique, in both mind and body, and for that, we want to customize the experience of each individual that we serve.

Liberty Senior Living has taken steps to implement the teachings and training about dementia by Teepa Snow and the Positive Approach to Care methods. We now have access to a PAC Certified Independent Trainer Professional by the name of Holly Hines to guide learning and skills as supported by his or her certification types. While we are inspired by the content and methods included in the PAC Certification, our organization is solely responsible for the use and implementation of the approved content from PAC.


Regional Dementia Care Coordinator and GEMMS Program Director

Holly Hines has been a part of the Liberty family for over 20 years, spending the majority of her time working directly with residents in our communities. Holly’s true passion in senior living was the engagement and care of our residents with cognitive diagnoses, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Her dream of exceptional programming for our memory care residents as well as immersive and comprehensive training for our caregivers, encouraged her to become a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) through the National Council of Dementia Practitioners, as well as a Certified Trainer and Coach with Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care.

As the program Director, Holly provides consistent training and education courses across all Liberty Communities, reinforcing Liberty’s mission of providing residents with the quality care they deserve from compassionate and competent caregivers.


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Respite Care

Respite care is available for those who need support on a more temporary basis. The responsibility of caregiving can be overwhelming, and a respite stay at our community can provide much needed relief. Respite can also be used is a caregiver goes on an extended vacation, ensuring the resident is well-cared for in their absence.

Respite care service are available for a variety of care needs, and can be a great option after a hospitalization or rehab stay where a resident might not be ready to return to an environment without services.

Not sure if a residential assisted living is right for you or your loved-on? Respite can also serve as a trial period, allowing you or your loved one to immerse themselves in the lifestyle that The Carrollton provides.

Call 504-380-0067 for more information about our respite program and availability.

Caregiver and Senior Resident

Certified Nxtgen Care Community

How It Works:
All our residents and front-line staff will be outfitted with a wearable social bracelet. This bracelet works in tandem with solar-powered, wall-mounted sensors to gather data on resident and staff movement & engagements. With this information, our staff will be empowered to focus on enhancing the unique care they provide to each of our residents. This includes more efficiently responding to resident care requests to proactively monitor residents’ social engagement helping staff monitor the health and well being of our residents.

Measuring Our Performance for You:
With Nxtgen Care we will be able to set and measure a range of care goals. It’s all about our accountability to our residents and their families. Quite simply put, with our investment in this cutting-edge technology we are committed to providing an unparalleled level of care and service. As a Certified Nxtgen Care Community, here is a range of care goals we monitor and measurement:

  • Infection Prevention and Control – effective contact tracing and isolation
  • Request for Assistance Response times
  • Levels of Social Engagement
  • Levels of Physical Activity
  • Consistent delivery of Scheduled Resident Checks
  • Real-time reporting for resident families
  • Staff Performance
  • Identifying Residents at risk for loneliness

The Carrollton

701 South Carrollton Ave
New Orleans, LA 70118