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The Carrollton Senior Living’s GEMMS Memory Care Program

December 19, 2023

GEMMS Memory Care Program is a unique program for residents experiencing memory loss engaged, respected, cherished. Assurance of being cared for in whatever stage of life’s journey they are in.

This program is exclusive to Liberty Senior Living communities. It provides memory care that values the person and is customized to each person’s unique needs. The name is an acronym for Genuine, Engaging and Meaningful Memory Support. Key words that represent the type of care that residents with memory loss receive at The Carrollton. The premier senior living community in New Orleans. Additionally, other lifstyles offered include assisted living, memory care, as well as respite care. Proudly owned and operated by Liberty Senior Living.

Addressing Cognitive Problems

A report in USA Today estimates that 6.5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s Disease and that one in ten older adults have early-stage memory or cognitive problems. The importance of person-centered care to help people with memory loss maintain a sense of self and purpose in life is cited in a study published in August 2021.

Person care is at the heart of GEMMS’ approach. It focuses on providing programming and activities that meet residents where they are. It also addresses the specific needs, preferences, and motivations of each resident. Hines says GEMMS staff provides support and creates an environment where residents can thrive.

“Knowing and understanding our residents really creates an opportunity for us to engage with our residents in a way that’s meaningful and positive,” says Holly Hines. She is our Regional Dementia Care Coordinator and GEMMS Program Director for Liberty Senior Living.

Exceeding Expectations

She cites the example of an older resident who exceeded the expectations of his family who had seen his interest in making connections with others decreasing.

“In one of our communities, we had a resident whose family had said he wouldn’t participate in any activities,” she recalls. “But when they came to visit, he was doing magic tricks for the staff and other residents. They were excited that he was connecting with others.”

Hines, who has been with Liberty for twelve years, often works directly with residents. She ensures that the caregiving staff at all of Liberty’s communities offering memory care receives immersive and comprehensive training. Highly trained in her field. In addition, she is a certified dementia practitioner through the National Council of Dementia Practitioners.As well as, a certified trainer and coach with Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care.

Hines says staff at The Carrollton have a passion to provide the best care possible. “Our staff can say they are making a difference in people’s lives because they are working with residents in ways that works for them and highlights their skills that remain,” she says.

While helping residents stay engaged is part of the goal of GEMMS, is not the only strategy. “It’s not just about activities,” Hines says. “It’s about nurturing their body and spirit, so each day is engaging and meaningful.” The Carrollton also provides peace of mind for residents’ families who appreciate the care their loved ones receive. They take comfort in knowing that their loved one’s basic needs for a healthy diet, physical exercise, social connections, and comfort are being provided. The staff is dedicated to ensuring safety for all residents.

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