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Leadership Spotlight : Meet Chef Larry

June 21, 2023

Meet Chef Larry Meet Chef Larry, the creative genius behind the culinary wonders at The Carrollton! With a journey that began with his grandmother and mother, Chef Larry’s experience in the hospitality industry has been nothing short of versatile and inspiring. From humble beginnings as a porter to traversing statewide and international borders, his passion for the art of food has taken him far and wide.

But there’s more to Chef Larry than his exceptional culinary skills. After a long and busy day, he brings a touch of joy to the team by making them laugh, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for all. His infectious humor and dedication to fostering a positive work environment uplift the spirits of everyone around him.

We’re fortunate to have Chef Larry as our Executive Chef, bringing his expertise, creativity, and a sprinkle of laughter to our dining experience. Join us as we celebrate his remarkable journey and savor the delightful flavors he brings to our tables!

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The Carrollton

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